About Us

Uma Stewart scents are crafted to take you to a familiar place and time; our complex fragrances light up a room inspired by cultures, continents, and everyday life.

 In 2018 Uma was inspired to create handcrafted, meticulously mixed fragrances, perfecting each to create an atmosphere filled with memories as they permeate a space. Scents like Daily Chai, enrich your space with aromas of black tea, cardamom and sweet milk or Montauk Beachfire filling the air with coconut, sea salt, and vanilla.

 Currently sold online, Uma Stewart’s unique variety of scents are sure to capture a memory for the consumer. Look for us in local exclusive gift retailers in coming months! If there is a shop you would love to be able to buy our candles from, please email us and we will reach out to the retailer.


Uma Stewart is a luxury interior designer who has been designing custom interiors, textiles, and furnishings for her clients since founding her studio in 2006. She is now offering her style to discerning aesthetes via her fragrance and textile products. Learn more about our design services at umastewart.com.